Material efficient and innovative

Stable Inlay tubes with filling

The multiple award-winning Combicore cores are optimally convenient for realizing innovative, material efficient applications.

Different applications are possible, for example in the automotive industry. Main field of application are long curved oil and water channels in engine blocks. Here are some examples:

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Cooling elements for hybrid technology with Combicore channel:

Special recognition at international pressure casting contest

Size: 330 x 180 x 43 mm (L x W x H)
Weight: 1.1 kg
Casting alloy: Al Si12Cu
Channel length: 1700 mm

The Moneva Foundry received special recognition for a casting incorporating a cooling element used in hybrid technology. The Jury of Research and Science praised the value of the innovation and high requirements within the casting industry. The cast component will be an important step for hybrid technology to help solve a cooling problem encountered with battery technology. The casting incorporates a cooling tube within the aluminum casting, composed of a different aluminum alloy. This technology allows for the substitution with this casting for the parts previous constructed multiple sheets of material and enabling a considerable cost savings.

The casting contains a 1700 mm long cooling canal within the body of the casting. This is accomplished by utilizing a combicore aluminum tube that is inlayed in the cast. The process requires the aluminum tube to be filled with a stabilizing material in order to prevent the aluminum alloy tube from being deformed and also allowing higher pressure casting process.
After casting, the stabilizing fill material is removed from the inlay tube. The tube remains in the cast piece as a lost core and forms the required canal for the respective medium like a cooling fluid. The canal also provides an isolated route to prevent the fluids from penetrating other pores or cavities within the casting. The use of combicore core allows for a stable light-weight construction and allows for the realization of designs and geometries previously impossible.

Cast and press toolings

Tempering of toolings

  • Stream optimized channels and no design limitation on straight axis
  • Avoiding hot spots and keep a homogeneous surface temperature
  • Producing low-stressed and low-warpage production parts with excellent surfaces
  • Minimization of follow-up costs
  • Heightened toolings' life-times
  • Reduction of tool service life for cooling-down and repairing
  • Usage of cheap thin-walled steel tubes
  • Integration of functions into the toolings

Cut through Combicore core cacsing in iron casting

In sheet presses, chill-mold and molds for high pressure die casting several cooling channels are needed. Therefore constant process parameters for optimized results in production are achieved. With Combicore inlay tubes these channels will be realized in different geometries, totally independent from straight axis.

For example during the casting process a mould is heavily heated up. Normally the absorbed energy cannot be removed fast enough in the cycle time. Occurring hot spots determine deformations and the products' surface qualities.
With optimized geometries and efficient tempering of toolings the quality of cast parts can be improved. At once follow-up costs in machining can be reduced.

The toolings construction is designed with inlay tubes used for cooling down critical hot spot areas. Either other temperature concepts are realizable.
In the making of the toolings the compacted and fire-proofed filling stabilizes the tube shaped in the needed geometry. The filling will be removed after the making while the tube remains in the tooling itself and builds up the needed channel.
Afterwards in the process emerging temperatures in critical hot spot areas are led away. The temperature inside the tooling can be controlled in an optimized way.

Combicore inlay tubes are suitable in all kind of toolings, e.g. in presses, resign molds, injection molds and pressure die casting molds. Used expensive stainless steel can be substituted with thin-walled steel tubes. Also in the hydraulic area external lines can be integrated safety into the tooling itself.

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We are happy to advise you on construction and implementation.

Perfect connection of the Combicore casing in iron cast part