Characteristics: Guidelines for the construction

Useful for efficiency and economic production

The following manual specifies central characteristics for a smooth, competitive production of filled combicore inlay tubes. Besides them special solutions and geometries are possible.
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A. Tube Dimension:  
Wall thickness: 0.5 to 2.0 mm
Outer-Ø: 5.0 to 22.0 mm
B. Limits for bending machines:  
Bending angle: max. 180°
Distance of 2 tube areas: min. 2 x Bending Radius
Bending radii and straight lengths: min. 1.5 x Outer-Ø
Please do not construct a radius directly after another. Between both should exist a straight length of 1.5 x outer-Ø at least.
Also use a homogeneous bending radius for the whole tube.
C. Molding Material:  
D. Possible alloys for tubes:
AlMn1 (EN-AW 3103)
Al99,5 (EN-AW 1050)
AlSiMg0,5 (EN-AW 6060)
Steel, z. B. E235
Non-ferrous metal (Cu, Zn,…)
Other individual characteristics are possible on demand.