Adaption to Casting Process

Lost Cores with Metal Casing

Combicore cores are optimally adjusted for the melting process. The tube represents the outer cladding of the cast core. It remains in the cast piece after founding and also represents the needed hollow space.

The following aluminum alloys are commonly used:

  • AlMn1 (EN-AW 3103)
  • Al99,5 (EN-AW 1050)
  • AlSiMg0,5 (EN-AW 6060)

In the conventional manufacture thick-walled steel tubes (e.g. E235) are used. Those collapse at a high cast pressure.
If you use thin-walled, filled combicore tubes, building components are lighter and their scope of design is broader. Due to the filling we minimize folding and buckling during the forming process which optimizes the later channel flow.

As the application may be tubes of a non-ferrous heavy metal, like copper or zinc are qualified as well.

The wall thickness of the tube is between 0.5 and 2.0 mm (other dimensions available on request).
The optimum thickness depends on the required bending radius.

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Wall thickness
The needed Radius determines the Wall Thickness amongst others.