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Combicore Cores for Foundries

New technologies ask for new cooling concepts and a consequent light-weight construction. With the filled and therefore highly stable Combicore inlay tubes it is possible for foundries to make oil, water or cooling channels in different cast pieces.

Such complex channels are not realizable with conventional methods (sliders, drilling, empty tubes). Combicore is an approved method for aluminium high pressure die casting.

Typical fields of application are in the automotive industry (e.g. engine blocks, transmission).

Even very thin-walled aluminum tubes can be molded and adjusted to the cast alloys used. The filled Combicore inlay tubes of aluminum keep their shape even at a high casting pressure of more than 1000 bar. Combicore inlay tubes stood the test in practice at best and are also environmentally friendly and save resources.

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bent, filled Combicore tube for an oil channel

Innovative Production Processes

Combination of different Technologies

Combicore casting cores as simple version consist of a metal tube that is filled with a molding material. The molding material in the metal tube is compressed and compacted. The final form of the cores is made on bending machines and if applicable with compression molding and other suitable shaping processes.

The filled and heavy duty Combicore tube follows the geometry of the building component so that a near end outline casting and considerable material savings are possible. The cast piece is lighter at the same time. Combicore cores help also to lower the energy consumption during usage.
Furthermore, different functions and pipes can be integrated in the building component itself. Those are then protected from external influences.

After casting the molding material is removed out of the tube. The core casing stays in the cast piece and represents the channel wall.

Complex and tool intensive reworking of the cast piece is not necessary. Furthermore, is recycling of scraps remarkably easier as the different materials do not have to be separated. In addition to that the inlay tubes have the same or similar coefficient of thermal expansion as the ambient melt. This leads into a better heat transfer as well as a better cooling effect of the channel.

Combicore inlay tubes are the world first.